Sarah Thomas

Photo: Sarah

Me and my Work: I’m studying Cancer and trying to make a blood test so that we can detect it in the early stages.

Status: will miss I'm a Scientist! Thanks to all the students that took part, I'll miss you!

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Murray Collins

Photo: Murray

Me and my Work: I’m trying to understand how tropical rainforests can be better managed to reduce carbon emissions, and to keep a place for wildlife to live.

Status: WOW! Can't believe it!!!!! :) :) :) :)

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Diana Drennan

Photo: Diana

Me and my Work: I design and use computer 3D models to find new compounds that can help your skin.

Status: I'd like to hear about your opinions on this experience. And, I'm still willing to answer questions. =) Please e-mail me at

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Caspar Addyman

Photo: Caspar

Me and my Work: I use computers, games and even computer games to find out how babies, children and adults learn about the world.

Status: questions, questions, questions...

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Alan Winfield

Photo: Alan

Me and my Work: I’m an engineer and roboticist. I do research in swarm robotics, and I write and lecture on wider robotics questions, including the value and impact of robots in science and society.

Status: Today I'm in Mallorca meeting about 20 other scientists to talk about evolving robots. To see what we're doing visit

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