• Question: Would you be able to explain what causes cancer, and do you feel upset that so many people are ill with cancer each year?

    Asked by chl0e to Sarah on 25 Mar 2011.
    • Photo: Sarah Thomas

      Sarah Thomas answered on 25 Mar 2011:

      Cancer happens when a new cell grows in your body and there is a mistake in its DNA and it grows out of control. There is a chance that this could happen to anyone, but you increase your risk by damaging your body (because you are damaging your cells, these need to be replaced and new cell growth is when cancer can occur). Things that damage your body are obesity, smoking, excessive drinking and sun tanning. Certain chemicals can also damage your cells which is why I have to be really careful in the lab.

      I do feel upset about so many people getting ill from cancer, especially after I lost my gran and grandad to cancer, I know how it feels. But i use this to inspire me to be motivated and work harder, and never give up. I try to believe in myself and stay positive to keep myself going.