• Question: Why do you feel your invention will make an impact for future generations?

    Asked by jamesbcfcbennett to Caspar, Alan, Diana, Murray, Sarah on 25 Mar 2011 in Categories: . This question was also asked by bdrchung9000.
    • Photo: Caspar Addyman

      Caspar Addyman answered on 16 Mar 2011:

      My research is less about inventing things and more about discovering how things works (specifically how brains work) but we do have ‘invent’ new theories. I hope that one of my theories will make an impact tbut this might be quite an unrealistic ambition.. http://ias.im/35.320

    • Photo: Sarah Thomas

      Sarah Thomas answered on 25 Mar 2011:

      Yes I believe that my blood test could have a huge impact on future generations. If it is successful, it is a very cheap and simple test that could be available on the NHS. So every time you went to see your doctor, or to donate blood, you could get the test just to make sure you are healthy. The most important thing is catching cancer early because it is so much easier to treat in the early stages. So this could impact future generations by increasing survival rates and keeping people strong and healthy