• Question: do your robots ever rebel and take over the world?

    Asked by robertthefriendlydragon2 to Alan, Caspar, Diana, Murray, Sarah on 21 Mar 2011 in Categories: . This question was also asked by perryhandcannon, neems13, ilzf.
    • Photo: Alan Winfield

      Alan Winfield answered on 15 Mar 2011:

      Hi Robert

      No, well not yet anyway! The first thing to say is that robots are designed things – we invented and built them – so unless you’re an evil genius (and I don’t think I am) why would you build robots that even can rebel and take over the world?

      Secondly – and perhaps more seriously – in the future when robots are much more powerful than they are now then we will need to be very careful – not about them rebelling – but about them accidentally doing something wrong and it getting out of hand. Imagine we could make really tiny – almost invisible – robots that could fly, for example. Then you let them loose and somehow lose control of them. They could do some damage I expect – so that’s why some roboticists like me work on the safety and reliability of intelligent robots.

    • Photo: Sarah Thomas

      Sarah Thomas answered on 18 Mar 2011:

      I’ll leave this question to Alan to answer…. 😉

    • Photo: Murray Collins

      Murray Collins answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      I think Alan has a master plan to takeover the world with his robots, but he’s not letting on. 😉

    • Photo: Caspar Addyman

      Caspar Addyman answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      I would recommend this book. “How to survive a robot uprising”. It is by a robot researcher called Daniel Wilson. He has a phd in robotics so he knows what he is talking about.. And mostly he is joking…. mostly.